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Dana Laura Hristache

Project title



U101 Design Thinking

About me

I joined the OU 2 years ago. I am currently studying Business and management undergraduate degree for personal and professional development. My aspirations after graduation are to explore new career paths and to develop a business plan for myself.

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Instagram: @isonfirelulu

Solar Bob is a smart bin with three receptacles that uses solar energy and high technology to scan and identify recyclable items and dispose them to the appropriate receptacle to reduce waste generated by coffee to go service system and keep the community clean.

It has extra built-in functions such as a 3L bin for cigarette disposal mounted on the side of the bin, an advertising screen, a LED clock, a map with all the smart bin locations, and a free IOS and Android app.

I began with the problem statement: “How can we provide a coffee-to-go service that maximises sustainability opportunities throughout the service lifecycle?”
The demand for coffee to go service will always be high, therefore the negative environmental and community consequences generated by this demand must be re-discussed and improved through a more environmentally conscious redesign of the service.

Solar Bob has been designed based on the research from objective and subjective sources of information, observations taken in a coffee shop and the analysis made from a customer perspective as well as analysing the 'coffee to go' situation in the community.

General facts about coffee service industry have been explored and the impact to the environment, generated by service components, as paper waste generated from coffee cups, plastic pollution generated from packaging and so on.
Solar Bob has been designed as a long term and efficient solution to reduce waste produced by coffee-to-go services and to persuade customers to support this cause through a reward system.

Solar Bob has a positive impact to the coffee to go lifecycle as a whole and presents a good sustainable opportunity. With Solar Bob coffee cups, lids and coffee pods or coffee grounds can be recycled. Food is also accepted for the compost bin.

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