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Tea Time – Board game design proposal

Emily Ball


Voted best overall design for U101

Project title

Tea Time – a board game to get everyone around the table


U101 Design Thinking

About me

My name is Emily. My goals through the module were primarily to learn and develop creative thinking skills, building confidence in this area. I aspire to use my learning after graduation to make a tangible difference using design in the areas of climate change and/or sustainable engineering and business practices.

Tea Time – a board game to get everyone around the table.

Players start a counter by a mug – this begins as their mug. They must roll the dice and make their way around the board to the short platforms. These contain tokens representing ingredients for making tea. The first to collect all 6 wins, responding to chance cards along the way.

The problem was to design a board game based on a service, using recycled materials, to be used for entertainment/learning purposes. This is experienced by anybody who plays or wants to play board games who are impacted by the impact of waste creation or those who would like to see their culture representing in form of gameplay.

Initial ideas were generated by researching the process and history of tea making and what it means to different cultures as well as my own. I learned a lot, from tea making communities to relevant legislation. I generated my initial ideas by sketching thoughts and allowing them to develop, refining by combining ideas and tweaking rules, colours and game pieces as well as speaking to friends about my concepts.

The game is built by placing the board on a base and sitting ‘the bin’, also used for storing pieces, through a hole in the centre of the board, allowing the board to spin. Made from recycled materials, it recreates the feeling of sitting around the table drinking tea together.

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