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Let’s Play Ancient - Board game

Filipa Vasconcelos

Project title

Let’s Play Ancient


U101 Design Thinking

About me

I am a 36-year-old dog mum who is passionate about creativity, decoration and all that comes with it. 

My design is a board game based on ancient woodlands. It is trivial-like, where you only move forward if answering correctly to each question. Each player will pick a character such as a Bat, a fox or a tree. There are four sets of cards representing four different woodland categories. 

With the shortage of housing, many new developments are now being built, but at what cost? Many woodland areas are being destroyed to give place to these. 

The idea for my board game was inspired by a group of residents who bought an ancient woodland land in the community where I live, with the intention of maintaining its integrity and biodiversity. They have been very successful. 

As part of my research I spoke with their social media administrator who kindly replied to my questions and passed me their blog where I found more information about the importance of ancient woodlands. 

The purpose of my design was to find a fun way to learn about nature and how important woodland areas are, especially ancient woodland due to its unique biodiversity. With this board game, families can gather together with their children and grandchildren and have a great time learning about nature.

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