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T-Shirt design 'Lhandscape'

Jacqueline Quinn

Highly commended

for excellent process leading to a beautiful outcome.

Project title

T-Shirt design: 'Lhandscape'


U101 Design Thinking

About me

I am 63 and retired at 55 after 29 years doing a job in Occupational Health and Environmental Safety. Leaving school I did art and design then window dressing for a few years, so I did this O.U. Module to get back to something I really love – being creative.


This is my T-Shirt design that I submitted for the U101 EMA.

It is a development of my TMA01 – T-Shirt design brief – hands. My concept is based on a photograph I took of my palm that reminded me of hills. My abstraction was developed to resemble a landscape, or 'Lhandscape'.

The problem was ‘How do I take the drawings and tracings I did from the main photograph of my hand and develop them into a design for my T-Shirt to give an impression of a landscape?

As it shows in my abstraction photograph, I simplified the drawings to produce a shape that resembles three hills, then used symmetry and repetition of this shape to look like a landscape of hills. I tilted the shape to give a more organic feel to the design. I researched colour meanings and added my choices to the design. The text was added to pull the design together as I liked the play on words.

My design fulfilled the brief and I use a less obvious part of my hand to develop and deconstruct. My hands show a landscape of my life, with all the bumps, scars, and lines I can see when closely observed, so my design choice is relevant to that.

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