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Erratic Engineers Board Game

John Paul Dyer

Project title

Erratic Engineers Board Game


U101 Design Thinking

About me

I work as business analyst, and I am working toward a degree in business management and would like to pass my U101 module. I would like to complete a full design cycle and design a product that I can take to market. 

You play against up to 3 other opponents and take turns using dice, the goal of the game is to cross the finish line first.

Initially I created this based on having insight into the industry but with help from Dr Baldwin I was able to see how this could be used as a educational game perhaps as a training tool for engineers.

I worked in Smart metering as a business analyst, I ended up managing multiple operational processes which gave me insight into different scenarios faced in the industry, I was able to draw on these experiences to create a board game in response to the assignment.

I had struggled to come up with an idea for but was drawn to some form of transport game inspired by Rachel Lowe’s board game “Destination” (Link) and the idea came to me from there.

The game could be used as a training tool for engineers or to educate others about the life of an engineer to help people and engineers understand the job in more detail. Personally, I never thought about my gas and electricity, unless it was not functioning, before working in the industry.

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