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John Paul Dyer

Project title

Recycling Service


U101 Design Thinking

About me

I work as business analyst, and I am working toward a degree in business management and would like to pass my U101. I would like to complete a full design cycle and design a product that I can take to market.
John Paul Dyer | LinkedIn

My design proposal is a non-web-based service that allows bulky items to be recycled for customers who have no access to technology or transport.
A local rep would secure access to transport such as a local worker's van and would arrange pickups and drop offs. The problem is that some people have good items they no longer require such as furniture or old TVs, but they do not have access to transport or technology.
Waste could be reduced by these items being re-used benefiting both donor and recipient.

As research for this assignment I visited a local waste recycling centre, Forth Resources and got a tour along with a visit to Edinburgh Council Recycling as well as a user workshop, an interview and online research. The service I designed is attempting to stop people storing items they don’t use when those items could be used by others nearby such as schools or neighbours .
This could lead to a reduction in items being dumped in the street, going to landfills and stop new items being made.

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