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Dining table cabinet

Kalvin Croucher

Project title

Dining table cabinet


U101 Design Thinking

About me

I am currently enrolled in my first year of Design at The Open University and also work in a coffee shop as a supervisor. I have always loved design, especially homeware and furniture. I hope to one day work as a designer for a homeware company or even go into advertisement design.


I wanted to combat the lack of storage and amount of space that a dining table and chairs takes up in a home. This problem is experienced by people who may live in a smaller property such as an apartment and can impact their daily home life. Firstly, to tackle this issue I researched options for space saving dining tables but a lot of these still took up a large amount of room and came with no storage. In order to generate starting ideas I held a creative thinking session with a group of my friends, this proved to be useful as it gave me some ideas of the pros and cons of dining table designs. To refine these ideas I decided on 3 designs and analysed them to work out the pros and cons of each. I then picked a final design and made a physical prototype as well as a digital one as seen above.

My proposed idea is a cabinet that has 2 drawers, storage for 3 foldable chairs and a drop down table top that is attached to the back of the cabinet, allowing the user to open up the table when needed. The underneath of the cabinet also has wheels for easy mobility. I believe that this will combat the lack of storage and amount of space that a dining table and chairs will take up. 

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