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Gumball Bird Bath

Lauryn Goddard

Project title

Gumball Bird Bath


U101 Design Thinking

About me

Hello, I’m Lauryn, I’m 21 years old and I’m working towards a Bsc in Design and Innovation. I deeply care about the environment, and my goal as a designer is to connect people with nature, encouraging everyone to help preserve the wildlife surrounding them.


Afer researching the wide variety of bird baths currently available, I found that the majority must be tipped over to be cleaned. This often results in the user getting wet/dirty, something I frequently experience. Moreover, tipping the bath over can be hard for people who struggle to lift heavy objects.

My problem statement is: How might we design something for garden birds to bathe in that is easily drained/cleaned?

To generate ideas, I held a brainstorming session. Key themes explored included bird safety, water waste, encouraging the user to clean the bath, and the exterior design of the bath. I then combined many of those elements together to form the final design.

How it works: You simply step on the foot pedal, the plug hole opens, and the dirty water drains into the ‘gumball’ flower planter below. Step on the pedal again, the plug closes, and the bath is ready to be refilled with clean bathing water. No heavy lifting or getting wet/dirty is required.

The user is motivated to regularly drain the bath to water their 'gumball' flower display. In turn, this will ensure the birds continually receive clean bathing water. This solution helps reduce water waste through the repurposing of dirty water.

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