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Nazish Rehman

Project title

Reusable Shopping bag


U101 Design Thinking

About me

As an individual, my goal during this module was to design a practical solution that addresses a pressing environmental issue. I am passionate about creating impactful and sustainable designs that address real-world problems. After graduation, I aspire to continue working in the field of sustainable design, actively contributing to a more eco-friendly future.

Instagram: @nazishrehman

My project aims to address the issue of clothing waste by proposing a solution that involves reusing shopping bags for returning clothes to fashion brands. This approach would enable convenient redistribution to charity shops, effectively reducing the environmental impact of discarded garments.
I began with the Problem Statement: 
‘How might we find a solution to recycle/ reuse all the clothing items we no longer use.’

The problem I tackled is the accumulation of rarely worn clothes and impulsive purchasing habits, which contribute to clothing waste. This issue affects individuals who find themselves tempted to buy new clothes without considering the environmental consequences, resulting in guilt and an overfilled closet.
To develop my solution, I conducted extensive research on waste and clothing consumption, including studying journalist Rob Greenfield's story. I generated initial ideas by reflecting on my own habits and the influence of marketing tactics. The idea of reusing shopping bags for clothing returns was selected and refined based on convenience and the potential for widespread adoption.
My proposed intervention involves using modified shopping bags as a means for customers to conveniently return their clothes to fashion brands. The brands would then take responsibility for distributing the garments to charity shops, promoting clothing resale and reducing overall waste.

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