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Work Life Balance game proposal

Abigail Tyers

Project title

Work Life Balance Game


U101 Design Thinking

About me

Instagram: @ryefieldcreations
TikTok: @ryefield_creations
Facebook: @Ryefield Creations

I created a game representing a service. I considered being a single working parent a 'service' due to the steps needed to reach the ideal end point of retiring with good money and happy children. I was inspired by my mum who is a head teacher and single parent. My game is called 'Work Life Balance". The aim is to reach a balance between home and work. Heart tokens represent home and money notes represent work.

Players begin with 1 heart token and 1 money note. To win the game, players have to reach the end of the board with 3 of each. Players progress on the board by rolling a dice. There are squares on the board saying "choice" which prompt a player to pick up a choice card. There are also 3 roundabouts on the board where players are prompted to pick up a roundabout card. There are randomly placed squares which say "move to roundabout [1,2 or 3]" which jumps a player to these roundabouts. These two types of cards give players a dilemma that a working parent would face with options that result in the gain of money/ a heart token but at the cost of a heart token/money. Additionally, there are traffic lights on the board which prompt a player to pick up a traffic light card. These cards result in a gain/loss without making a choice.

Choice: It's your daughter's school sports day tomorrow. She really wants you to go but it means missing work.
Do you...
- Take time off work to go +heart token and -money note
- Miss this year’s sports day +money note and -heart token

Roundabout: You have been offered a promotion at work.
Do you:
- Accept the offer and spend less time with children- move up the board +money note -heart token
- Reject the offer - stay as you are and no loss or gain
Use this opportunity to talk about reducing your hours due to stresses on home life - move down board +heart token -money note
- Green Traffic light: Your boss loved your report +money note
- Red Traffic Light: Your daughter got into trouble at school -heart token

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