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Anastasia Kkama Surfaro

Project Title

The Early Bird's Strong Coffee


U101 Design Thinking

About myself

I have had a passion for design and by taking this course I wanted to build up my skill set. I feel that this course compliments my current occupation of cake maker and designer. Since having done well in my TMAs I am considering taking Design and Innovation as a degree with the Open University.


I wanted to create a T-shirt design based on observations of my hand showing a story and a gesture. My starting point was to study and focus on a particular feature, a burn scar and the symmetrical connection to a beauty spot on the opposite side. By using the technique of line drawing and tracing I was able to show movement within my composition. I used the idea of jagged sharp edges, to represent flames, connected to my burn scar.

Using principles of symmetry and repetition of the fingers, allowed me to transform the image of my hand into a completely different object which was the bird.

To progress, I combined two of my concepts: the bird and a thumbs up hand gesture, with the hand holding, a cup, the bird coming out of it and wings representing flames/steam. The coffee in the cup is a play on the word 'Strong'. The image is central and the main focus of the T-shirt, representing an early rising from a cup of steamy strong coffee.

My skin tone for the hand, brown for the coffee, shading for the outline of the steam, were used to compliment the overall image, showing contrast.

Once I was happy with this design I used the barcoded image with the word approved to seal the project and show its completion.

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