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Abigail Tyers

Project title

Journey of Life


U101 Design Thinking

About me

Instagram: @ryefieldcreations
TikTok: @ryefield_creations
Facebook: @Ryefield Creations

The design of my t-shirt is to represent the journey of life. On the back of the T-shirt, I have aimed to create a maze-like complexion, out of my thumbprint, to create an aspect of a difficult journey. The lines begin in a darker tone and fade out to show life eventually coming to an end. I have also depicted this concept through the hands that I have used for wings, with the darker toned hand being younger and the lighter toned hand being older. I drew these from an image that I photographed of my grandmother's and mother's hands. I wanted to create minimalist illustrations of these hands but kept wrinkle lines to depict the difference in age.

My choice of green colouring, the emerald and the angel like composition is to be representative of the archangel Raphael who is believed to be an angel that supports and guides people on journeys. To support the overall meaning to this design, I included the word ‘sonder’ on the front of my T-shirt. This word is a part of The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows which defines the meaning as “the realisation that each random passer-by is living a life as vivid and complex as your own”. ( To keep fluidity in my design, I made this text green.

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