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Photos showing the T shirt design in detail and being worn. The design is a turtle and within the shell is a hand held in the shape of scissors to cut a 6 pack holder. The words on the T shirt read "Protect the turtles".

Sylwia Chmiel

Project title

Let's protect the turtles together!


U101 Design Thinking

I designed the T-shirt to raise awareness and support the important cause of saving turtles from the plastic pollution in our oceans.

I settled on the problem of polluting the ocean with plastic multipack rings and how we should cut them as a risk management technique. It is a hazard to sea life that can cause animals to choke or become disfigured. 
When creating my design I decided to use a turtle shape and then I used the process of abstraction to create a simplified version of it. On the turtle's shell, I put a cutting gesture with a plastic 6 pack holder where one of the rings is already cut open. This intentional imagery speaks volumes, reminding us that even a single small action can have a big impact on our environment. By highlighting the significance of breaking free from plastic entanglement, this design serves as a visual call to action.

Embracing eco-friendly products is a great choice, one that can truly make a positive impact. Opting for sustainable alternatives such as metal water bottles instead of plastic, glass straws, and soap with plastic-free packaging not only helps in preserving our planet but also plays a crucial role in purifying our oceans of plastic waste.

I am happy to wear my t-shirt and spread a positive message.

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