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A photograph of a young person wearing a Tshirt with an image formed by two hands bumping together at the knuckles and thumb. The outline is in red with the words "Leave ivory to them" within the border.

Valentina Kozina

Project title

Leave Ivory To Them


U101 Design Thinking

The idea was to produce a design that would deliver a message. The incorporation of the heart-shaped hand gesture with the elephant composition not only represents love for these creatures but also projects an active call - "Leave Ivory To Them". The inspiration was derived from visits to Africa and exposure to anti-poaching campaigns. The design intentionally avoided incorporating tusks into the composition to convey a message that the elephant's life is what matters, rather than its tusks. Hands here represent action and choice; they can be used to either continue spilling an elephant's blood or to prevent it from happening.

The composition was redrawn about a dozen times before reaching a satisfactory design. Tracing and carbon paper, along with a ruler, were effective tools throughout.

The transfer process itself went smoothly, but the first trial needed some improvements in colour finishes and the initial font style chosen. When redoing the transfer, the only additional white t-shirt found was kid-sized. The smaller size, in my opinion, turned out better with the image more proportionate to the empty space on the fabric, which was something I had not previously considered.

The t-shirt was modelled by a willing junior helper.

Overall, the printed quality was an unexpected and positive surprise. I hadn't anticipated being able to produce a high-quality customised t-shirt at home without knowledge of graphic design software or a professional printer. I'm proud of the final product.

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