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A Playful engagement piece for use at a national park – Signposted trail

Aimee Cornhill

Project title

A Playful engagement piece for use at a national park – Signposted trail 


T217 Design Essential

About me

Hi! I’m Aimee aka Acorn a 21-year-old student from the west midlands. I’m hoping to improve my confidence and produce a portfolio ready for future employment. After graduation I’d love to get a job working with LEGO, specifically minifigure design, which I have had a keen interest in since childhood.

My signs are designed to educate park goers about sustainability. Each sign includes a different animal sound, animal design, sustainability tip and patterning to encourage children to learn about the environment. The signs are there to help user’s stick to the correct paths to prevent countryside erosion and littering. 

I tackled the issue of visitor engagement in my brief. National parks experience littering and erosion due to a lack of signage and education. Children must be taught about sustainability to spark an interest in issues such as global warming which they may go on to solve in the future. 

I researched pre-existing trails to better understand what engages children and brainstormed with my family to produce ideas surrounding our childhood engagement. To generate my ideas, I created a mood board exploring colours and materials which focused on inspiration from the park’s problems. Using a selection matrix, I shortlisted my five design ideas and my animal signs scored best, I further developed them orthographically before creating a rough model to help me visualise my idea. 

My design proposes signs to follow to keep visitors on track to reduce countryside erosion. Each sign features sustainability facts alongside a cute animal design and motion activated sound effects. This will help visitors learn about the sustainability of the park and what they can do to help the environment.

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