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Alexandra Cristina Bodea

Project title

A chair to encourage 6-10-years-olds to read for pleasure at home.


T217 Design Essentials

Recreational reading has important benefits for children, such as: encourages brain development, improves concentration, develop language and communication skills, and prepare for academic success.

According to OECD (2010) 10-year-old children who read often for enjoyment gain higher results in school. However, Department of Education (2017) research showed that only 35% of 10-year-old England’s pupils like to read. 

A way to support primary-aged children to read at home is to create a comfortable reading environment for them (, 2022). Other than a well-lit and free from distraction room, a playful and comfortable reading chair can encourage children to pick up reading or extend reading sessions.

My design concept is playful and invites children to use it. It is simple and functional, with each component serving a specific purpose: the base holds books, the raised seat provides a comfortable sitting position, and the armrest and backrest provide support and promote ergonomic position. The design concept permits the use of soft materials and warm colours, which help reduce negative emotions and convey emotions such as reassurance and comfort. The product can be customised, with colour and material options based on customer preferences.

I researched ergonomics and targeted user needs in terms of visual and tactile stimuli before beginning to work on the design concept. Once they were determined, I considered the elements required for reading, such as a seat, bookshelf, and lighting, and considered how I could incorporate them into my design. Nature served as a source of inspiration for this project.

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