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Alexandra Cristina Bodea

Project title

A product to encourage visually impaired people to visit Ditchling Beacon and to enhance their visit.


T217 Design Essentials

The National Trust and Sussex Wildlife Trust aim to provide everyone with the chance to learn about and engage with wildlife. The physical layout of the Ditchling Beacon, however, and the absence of amenities for visually impaired visitors, may deter them from visiting the site. It is well known that nature benefits both mental and physical health. Making the site accessible to visually impaired people may aid in their fight against diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and depression.

The target user group are people of all ages that live with a visual impairment condition. They may live nearby to Ditchling Beacon. They may like to spend time in nature, but they may be afraid of the unknown and the challenges they may encounter.

The 3D information boards not only want to help blind people to enjoy and explore the views through the sense of touching, but also to bring the views closer to people with low vision. During the development stage, it was clear that this experience can be enhanced by bringing people closer to the flora and fauna as well. Staying loyal to the 3D concept, insects, flowers, butterflies can be 3D printed and exposed along the trail.

Even if the product was developed for visually impaired people, it may be used by anyone. The product's height may be adjusted from 500 to 900 mm, making the 3D structures accessible to both children and adults.

Another advantage of this design concept is that it blends with the site and its surrounding, not interfering, in this way with other visitors’ experience.

The top’s circular design allows users to navigate around the product, and the inside legs eliminate any obstacles that conventional legs may create.

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