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Trigpoint Vending Machine proposal

Alexandra Slingsby

Project title

Trigpoint Vending Machine.


T217 Design Essentials

The aim of this project is to create a refreshment solution for use within the Ditchling Beacon National Park, generating income that can be used for conservation.

I began with the problem statement, “How to create a sustainable income stream which can support the park through selling snacks to visitors.” 

The solution must sit harmoniously within the park's surroundings and enhance the visitor experience.
It should require minimal staff input, be vandal and weather proof.

I first created a mood board of the landscape.
Then used a questionnaire to ask a broad sample of users how they felt about different vending solutions already in place elsewhere.
I considered both the stakeholders involved and body stormed the journey of the snack.
I created a user persona from user characteristics.
I used associative thinking, primary generators, immersion and brain-writing to generate different ideas.
Trigpoint was the most commercially viable.

The outcome was a proposal for a mechanical vending machine, contained inside a trigpoint like structure creates a playful solution. The structure blends into its surroundings and simple symbols make the object easy and fun to use.
It requires minimal input from staff and references the landscape around it.

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