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Almudena Garcia Gomez

Project title

The Employees' Seat


T217 Design Essentials

My product is a temporary seat: A chair, or a stool-ischial chair. 
When it is not used, it works as a stand - it stays visible as a reminder of employee's rights, and evidencing that the business cares for its staff's well-being.

The upper face spins 90 degrees on a hinge and works as the surface of the stand or as the back of the stool.
Two-thirds of the front face is missing, exposing another cuboid that can be used as a chair.
The seats and the back stool are ergonomically curved.

The problem I identified was that shop assistants must be standing all the time and remove their uniforms during breaks. Pausing or reducing the pace is not well observed. This can generate mental and physical health issues, as well as aggravate existing ones.

Initially, I focused on the shopper’s companion, who sometimes has some impairment and cannot find seats around. I investigated the issues that can prevent them from enjoying the shopping experience, i.e. walking difficulties, or back pain. However, observing different scenarios I realised that shop assistants may have the same issues and are forgotten. Then, I adapted my product to this new user.

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