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Anastasia Kkama Surfaro

Project title

Hand pastry roller for people with limited mobility


T217 Design Essentials

About me

I am a mother of two, currently in the second year of my design and innovation degree. I have just completed T217 and I am very excited to apply what I have learned and the methods of design, to help me develop my skills in looking for a new career in design.


My goal was to design an item that can be used alone or as a multi-functional tool to aid with baking for people with limited mobility.

My concept design embodies the idea of using a kitchen glove with a rolling ball on the palm section. This ball will be used to roll out dough. Using less heavy material than a normal metal/wooden ball, the glove will be flexible enough to fold and be stored away. Also, the glove would create a comfortable aid to someone with hand mobility problems. A sort of aid to stop the forearm or wrists overextending. This simple method would be easy to roll over the dough in one simple swift movement. It will also eliminate the need to grip hard on a long wooden cylindrical shape. A more one handed aid, placing less strain on fingers.

My initial idea was to design a tool that would combine different utensils to incorporate the space saving aspect. I applied function analysis to my thinking when looking at the main function of different types of rolling pins, as they have a solid shape. I used a kitchen roll tube as inspiration for my design shape, playing around with ideas of folding over and adding attachments. I then used associative thinking by looking at the opening mechanisms of different glasses cases and how I could incorporate that movement in my baking tool, whilst also allowing for storage of baking tool attachments. The idea of having something with a multi-functional element, would eliminate the need for more than one base.

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