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The Hedge Log proposal

Andy Allen

Project title

The Hedge Log.


T217 Design Essentials

About me

I love to design things, especially using models or 3D images. This is my second year in T217 and have booked T317 for next year. I would like to go onto do Graphic or Web design which I am also studying.

No Hedgehogs were eaten in the making of this design.😁

The design is an environmentally friendly log cabin made into a café. It is topped with a roof made of grass and flowers.

The problem was to provide refreshments to a historical iron age hill fort in the South Downs called Ditchling Beacon. This is a wildlife walk with a small car park area. Local walkers and visitors would use this facility and profits taken would help go back into the area.

My ideas for the log hut started from a mobile van in the shape of a hedgehog. Other research started from being a regular walker and someone who has visited similar National Trust areas you are limited to want can be built on historic sites like this. My ideas came via holiday log cabins but also environmentally friendly grass that would cover the roof. I also wanted a wildlife animal theme.

I wanted to attract visitors and younger people to the cafe, so I went for a more fun approach in the shape of a Hedgehog. This would help sell Hog Dogs, Hedge-burgers, sandwiches, and coffee.

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