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Chloe Jablonski

Project title

Stacking Planter


T217 Design Essentials

This design is a modular, hexagonal planter design that can be stacked and tessellated to make efficient use of space within small areas, making gardening more accessible for people without easy access to traditional, outdoor garden spaces. 
I identified the need to encourage and enable people living in towns or cities to grow their own vegetables. 
My design focuses on maximising the space available for gardening within limited spaces (such as small homes without garden access), and making watering easier, faster, and more accessible.
To research this project, I analysed existing products, missing market niches, and new developments in technology and manufacturing. 
This design is intended to be manufactured using 3D-printing, injection/blow-molding or vacuum-forming processes; using recycled plastic (PET) waste. 
These methods also allow the form to be hollow, rather than filled with plastic, reducing the amount of materials needed for production; although this design could also be created with thicker materials such as cement or recycled plastic terrazzo.
The frame contains drainage holes on the bottom, making it easier to water and feed the whole garden (allowing water to flow down to lower layers); and an umbrella-like cover, which doubles as a stand for upper layers.
The thick/hollow base insulates and protects plants from frost and heat.

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