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Grant McLaren

Project title

The folding whisk


T218 Design for Engineers

About me

I currently work as a jig and tool designer, my goals during the module were to learn design engineering methods within the process of creating a new product as well as learn methods to become more creative, I aspire to start my own design company producing new and innovative products.

The folding whisk is exactly as the name suggests, a whisk that is able to be folded, this is done via a central shaft that allows the 2 main bodies to fold and then interlock within themselves during use or fold flat for when not in use and being stored.

The aim was to make the whisk a more space efficient utensil, with many people living in smaller accommodations due to the housing crisis, space inside one’s kitchen is at a premium and every item needs to be carefully thought out so as to maximise the space available.

The research started with a user trip completing a task using a whisk, it then moved onto an observation of another user completing the same task as that from the user trip, from this, concepts were created using methods such as adaptation, dreaming and sketching. The selected design was chosen through a matrix selection and refined further through sketching, CAD modelling, and finally with a 3D printed working prototype.

The new whisk allows for easier storage than a traditional whisk, this is achieved by re-designing the whisk to allow for it to be stored flat, this will allow for more space in the kitchen for other utensils, the design also aimed to give the user physio and psycho-pleasure.

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