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Beacon Play Equipment proposal

Lauri Harper

Highly commended

for a design which responds well to the context.

Project title

Ditchling Beacon Play Equipment


T217 Design Essentials

About me

I am hoping to make a career in design, whether it be product design or drawing out design. I have always had a passion for drawing and design but have only just been given the opportunity to chase my dream, starting with my degree. My main strengths are animal drawing, real life/people and cartoons. 

The UK National Park in the South Downs is popular with visitors of all ages, it is important that young visitors should be engaged and feel enthusiastic about the conservation, sustainability, and the landscape. For this project I designed a piece of play equipment that would incorporate all of those needs. 

During my research I looked at other national parks around the United Kingdom to gain insight into the types of designs, materials and engaging equipment they use. I found that the favoured material for children’s play equipment appeared to be natural wood and economical materials to fit in with the area surrounding it. I generated my idea by combining the history of the Ditchling Beacon and the lighting of the Beacon and combining it with something that would make the history fun. After generating a few possible ideas, I settled on the Beacon as I felt it would generate more questions from youngsters surrounding the Beacon and the challenge involved in climbing it and lighting it as quickly as possible. The design should attract visitors to the area who are interested in how important the national park is and how essential the conservation of the area is.

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