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Proposal for a sustainable refreshment hub

Peter Dyer


Voted best overall design for T217

Project title

A Sustainable Refreshment Hub in Ditchling National Park


T217 Design Essentials

The project aspires to create a sustainable refreshment hub within Ditchling Beacon National Park with a dual purpose: generating revenue for conservation efforts and fostering a deeper connection between the park and visitors while promoting sustainable living. The design vision includes creating a welcoming, hospitable environment for visitors.
The primary challenge is to design a revenue-generating hub that can fund conservation efforts through the sales of refreshments and snacks. Moreover, the hub should be a catalyst for increased engagement with the park and should be instrumental in promoting sustainability among visitors.

I conducted user research via questionnaires, user trips, and observations of similar refreshment hubs. Leveraging associative thinking, namely the adaptation and amalgamation of existing solutions, supplemented with sketches, I explored various design opportunities. Considerations, such as the project's brief, the unique ambience of the National Park, space constraints, and waste management requirements informed the design solutions. A matrix-based evaluation methodology driven by relevant criteria allowed for careful selection among design alternatives.

Through zoning and iterative processes, I developed a sustainable refreshment hub that respects the site. The hub caters to staff requirements, prioritises visitor comfort and offers locally sourced, sustainably packaged refreshments. A pre-booked picnic hamper service encourages visitors to engage with the park, promotes sustainable living and effective waste management.

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