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Petros Antoniou

Project title

Synesthetic Wind Chimes.


T217 Design Essentials

About me

I'm currently working as a UI/UX designer and I'm based in Athens, Greece.


The Synesthetic Wind Chimes is a set of proposed installations to be placed at the Ditchling Beacon National Park. It combines colour and sound to create a synesthetic experience. Each installation showcases a different local species. A multi-sensory approach raises awareness of the diversity of the local flora and fauna, while simultaneously raising questions concerning the coexistence and interconnectedness of all living things. Each installation will be colour- (and sound-) coded depending on the colour or specific characteristics of the species. Made of light-weight materials it is envisioned to be easily installed at various points at Ditchling Beacon. Their placement will encourage the flow of traffic at specific footpaths, will mitigate issues related to erosion, and will help preserve the park’s natural beauties. As a “phygital” installation it bridges the gap between tangible and digital interaction. Park visitors scan with their phones QR codes placed on signs at each installation, and see via Augmented Reality, 3D models of local species (see photo below).

For the purpose of this project, during ideation and research I conducted a design workshop, including a perception of materials testing session. After a brainstorming session I produced 5 different concept designs. I selected this concept as it was the most promising of the generated ideas and developed it further. This project was a great opportunity to work on Sketchup and produce 3D designs and mock-ups while working at the same time on a design solution that promotes sustainability and environmental awareness, and is targeted to wide types of users. 

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