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Robyn Dean

Highly commended

for effectively prototyping and testing a playful design.

Project title

Ditchling Beacon Playful Engagement


T217 Design Essentials

I focused on the area of Playful engagement, looking to make a child’s toy/ game that would relate to this national park which could be available for purchase at the visitor centre. 

My design idea is the reversible chalk hill blue caterpillar/butterfly plush toy.
The chalk hill blue butterfly is a rare and unique little butterfly, its existence is dependent on a variety of factors that are all currently present in this very special and unique area of the UK. I have designed this reversible 2 in1 toy to not only highlight the importance of its conservation but also to act and appeal as an educational aid, encouraging children to find the wonder in the incredible transformation that takes place from caterpillar to butterfly.

My problem frame was that the design had to be easy for a small child to use, I aimed to design the toy so that it could be easily reversed in under 10 seconds. This toy required no stuffing as the butterfly’s wings once reversed doubled up as the caterpillar’s stuffing. I opted to use recycled polyester fur and plush as my main materials. I created a working prototype to better communicate my idea.

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