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Tara Duncan

Project title

The Nature Notebook


T217 Design Essentials

About me

I am in my 2nd year of Open Degree, so far studying Business Management and Design and Innovation. I currently work for a small charity and oversee their admin and marketing.


The Nature Notebook is a proposed collaboration between The National Trust and Rocketbook. Made from durable materials and featuring erasable pages and a QR code function to save and access work online. It can be used repeatedly and is an eco-friendly way for users to record what they see.

The problem I identified was to create an interactive product that uses a fun, playful approach to engage young visitors to a national park and fuel their enthusiasm for conservation and sustainability.

During a user trip, I observed older children became bored quickly and had to be constantly reminded to put their phones away. I concluded that they would benefit from something that makes going on woodland walks more interesting and engaging.

I used tools such as user research, user profile/personas, product analysis, product scenario, self observation and immersion to help understand my problem. I then used associative thinking, adaptation, combination and random stimuli to help generate ideas.

My design fits the brief and is fun and appealing to children and young people and will stop them from becoming bored during a woodland walk while encouraging them to learn about conservation and sustainability.

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