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Becks Reay

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T217 Design Essentials

About me

I'm from Glasgow and am studying a BSc (Hons) Computing & IT with Design degree part time and T217 completes Level 2. My goal after graduation is a career in tech, likely in UX Design or UI development. I work full time and am taking steps towards my career goals there too. 

Instagram: @becksreay

I began with the problem statement “Design a new or improved raised bed planter product which attracts and enables people with little to no experience to grow their own vegetables and makes this achievable in a small outdoor space.”

The VeggieStation offers a modular approach to vegetable growing allowing the user flexibility to adapt it to suit themselves. The workstation itself provides the work surface, storage, growing spaces and optional tools. The user then purchases their preferred vegetable modules, with app guidance, which include container, soil, seeds and instructions.

Having identified the problem and existing solutions, I took an imaginary user trip, which, as a novice, was time-consuming and overwhelming. I created an online questionnaire which garnered useful insights. Through mind-mapping, brainstorming sessions and associative thinking I generated several ideas. Hello Fresh, IKEA's MICKE desk and the idea of a modular system of collectibles were influential. A selection matrix revealed multiple top scoring ideas from which I pulled elements into the final concept design. 

VeggieStation is an all-in-one system designed to eliminate laborious research and sourcing of materials/products, making getting started easy. Users could start with 1 vegetable module, adding more as confidence grows. The app provides all guidance required for ordering and successful crops. Its compact size and use of vertical space is ideal for small outdoor spaces. 

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