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ResoNature - Vibro-acoustic public seating

Antonia Branston

Project title



T317 Innovation: Designing for change

About me

I am a mature student who has recently completed an Open Degree focused on design and psychology. My hope is that a better understanding of how individuals and society function will give me new perspectives on how design around human behaviour.  


ResoNature is a range of inclusively designed vibro-acoustic public seating creating equal opportunity nature spaces. A gong within the seat base creates sensations of full-body vibration and gentle tones. The universal base design is customisable to many different needs, including wheelchair users, the mobility impaired and people with sensory conditions.  

This design tackles lack of provision within public open spaces for people with non-mainstream needs. This lack of provision can severely limit their interaction with the natural environment and their feelings of inclusion within the community, leading to a lower quality of life and worse mental and physical health.  

This design began with the desire to improve my local park. Site visits and user-centred research identified a lack of provision for people with disabilities and the elderly, and, also, a lack of community feeling. Psychological theories such as Attention Restoration Theory also informed ideas about ways in which nature spaces benefit users. Resonature grew from exploration of relaxation methods, e.g. vibro-acoustic cushions for autistic users, and alternative medicine techniques such as gong bathing.  

Resonature is versatile, to cater to a wide range of needs but using a universal base design and robust materials aims to keep it affordable. Grouping different Resonature seats together adds a valuable social element to the experience and creates opportunities for mixing between different groups.  

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