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iHelp: A System of Dementia Support

Harry Sabbarton


Voted best overall design for T317

Project title

iHelp: A System of Dementia Support


T317 Innovation: Designing for change

The design has three elements:
Console: provides access to a dedicated helpline, emergency services and a TAG notification system, a two-way speaker and recording function.
‘TAG’s: Bluetooth points, linked to the caregiver’s app and console. 
App: Builds a profile of the patient and populates the messages that are sounds through the console on the TAGs. 

The problem statement I identified was “How might we re-design an interactive product, service or system to address neurological degeneration in senior citizens?”
This statement identifies the need for a renewal of independence within the expanding community of UK dementia patients. The more patients can do for themselves, the more dignity and independence can be retained.

I recorded a ‘user journey’ from my grandfather’s carer and noted the daily activities that he found the most difficult. I then brainstormed, using random stimuli, the most obvious fixes to these issues until I arrived at the key needs to define a user persona. Dementia patients central hindrance in daily life is failing memory, so I sketched out a product list that could provide reassurance, support and heightened independence for the patient. 

The iHelp Console, Tags and App are designed to be a day-to-day tool for dementia patients, providing reassurance, information utilities and emergency services. The console accessories are for the caregivers to tailor their patient's environment using the Tags/ App, maintaining their supervisory relationship whilst increasing independence for the patient. 

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