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Ida Rodrigues

Project title

Child seat for public toilets


T317 Innovation: Designing for change

This is toilet seat has been adapted to aid caregivers and children when using public toilets.
It aims to assist users in two ways;
1- allowing women to use the loo with privacy without restrictions.
2- it has smaller toilet seat for children when needed.

Project statement
The lack of privacy and safety that caregivers often experience when using public toilets.

It seemed apparent that many caregivers share common discomfort with public toilets, expressing that they aren’t suitable for children (unhygienic) and often leaving moms with unpleasant situations. I once when shopping with my son and had him on shopping cart ready to pay when suddenly needed the loo. I was alone with a child and trolly full of shopping. I could not dare to leave him outside and felt scared to ask a stranger to keep an eye. And there, it dawned on me, what if I could just keep him on trolley-baby-seat and just place that part on the toilet with me?
There seems to be too many restricting scenarios when mom’s needs toilet!

The proposal is that this seat would work like the baby’s changing unit that folds and adjustable toilet seat underneath it, to be used by children.

The final design has a press to release button to help store the seat onto the lid and this can also fold to close when no longer in use. The design contains strap belts for safety and a flat surfaces for appropriate adoption when hanged on walls.

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