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Martin Boon

Project title

The Anderson House. Solution to any housing crisis


T317 Innovation: Designing for change

About me

A 50 something looking for ways to exercise my vivid imagination. I have already written and published one children's picture book, the sequels are nearly ready. I have worked in kitchen, crockery, website and interior design, so I think it's in my blood. I am married, sell chainsaws, play tennis and holiday, a lot.


This temporary housing is constructed from a simple reinforced core element, made from plant based plastics, which is formed into a few main construction sections, the main hub section and the wall sections. Easy to transport, easy to assemble, easy to maintain and easy sustain.

For many reasons, including war, civil unrest, natural disasters, financial problems, and famine, there are over 150 million homeless worldwide. As one of our basic necessities for living, a home is vital for many reasons.
Solutions exist, but they are inadequate tent-like, short term plasters, not a final solution.

From my original eight concepts, three variants were chosen to move forward to be entered into a selection matrix. One early concept used one box made of 18 easy to handle sections. Another contender used the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum as a primary generator, which gave some beautiful ideas. which were dismissed as too expensive given the purpose of this project. Finally, my favourite source of ideas, completely unexpected inspiration, an aeroplane fuselage!

This is a low-cost emergency housing solution. Not just for disaster relief, but also where financial difficulties make purchasing a family home impossible. with built in electrical systems, water, lighting and heating, The Anderson House is simple to install in any environment, by people not experienced in construction.
I am already revising my design ...

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