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Nyla Ashrif

Project title

Every Drop Matters


T317 Innovation: Designing for change

About me

I am a 37-year-old single mum who loves learning and challenging myself, so I am in the process of completing a BA in Design and Innovation with the ambition of making my mark in the world by contributing to a more sustainable future. 


I discovered that consumers want the beauty industry to promote sustainability, but product design is rarely revisited after launch.

Every Drop Matters is an accountability machine where consumers can swap foundation bottles they cannot fully empty for vouchers redeemable on their next purchase. This decreases product waste by safely disposing of inaccessible goods.

Ever reached the bottom of your foundation bottle and discovered that there was still product remaining which you could not reach? This applies to most foundation bottle designs which causes beauty consumers to purchase replacements sooner than necessary whilst contributing to unnecessary product waste.  

I deemed observation essential and made a user trip to a retailer to review the in-store experience. I also needed to learn from my network about their purchasing habits, so I designed a survey which I then analysed.
I generated 8 concepts using constructive discontent whilst exploring opportunities offered by new technologies. I selected one concept using a selection matrix and weighting that aligned with my core values to further develop through president research.

Every Drop Matters holds makeup brands accountable by charging them for vouchers if their products are fully inaccessible. Consumers enter their foundation information into the machine, scan the barcode, and weigh their bottle. The machine calculates unreachable product and subsequently issues discount voucher. 

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