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Pauline McNaught

Project title

The ‘Spin-Bin’


T317 Innovation: Designing for change

About me

I am a mum of 2, an adult returner to education and a recent cancer survivor.  My goal throughout the module was to learn more about Product Design.  I am hoping that after my next module I can look forward to graduating and getting a decent job. 


The ‘Spin-Bin’ is an adaptable stand-alone unit that protects wheelie bins from theft, giving the user better control over their recycling. It can be used in backcourt areas and public places. It is made from recycled materials, uses natural resources and prevents vermin infestations making it environmentally and eco-friendly.

The problem was the lack of recycling bins in our backcourts. Due to wheelie bin theft by local kids (for the purpose of setting them on fire for a quick ‘high’), led to us having no recycling facilities and were resorted to using large Taylor bins that were unsuitable.

My design process included information researching on local councils & housings and other websites, surveys to other OU students, friends & family, conducting interviews with stakeholders, user observation & immersion. My idea was to take an existing innovation and improve it. I wanted to design something that had never been done before, taking all the other designs I had seen into consideration, helped me to refine it by adding in incremental changes to the design.

The ‘Spin-Bin’ has various unique functions that would help people take an active interest in recycling. By adding in the mobile phone app and using technology, my goal here is to change people’s ways of starting a good recycling ethos, and be better for the environment in the long run. 

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