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Raiden Turpin

Highly commended

for being a visionary design.

Project title

E-CHO: Eco community housing for everyone


T317 Innovation: Designing for change

About me

I have many creative passions including music, photography, and literature. I hope to become a UX designer encouraging people to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. After my graduation, I aspire to have my own eco campsite whilst working freelance as a designer. I currently live in Lincolnshire, UK.


E-CHO is an eco-friendly, self-sufficient community housing project that consists of “Pods” that are connected by tunnels. These come in 4 different formats: base; apartment; greenhouse; facilities. The whole structure is powered off grid using solar and biomass renewable energy technologies. The community works together for the good of everyone.

Modern housing is not eco-friendly or self-sufficient and the construction of it is damaging to the environment.

Our entire lives revolve around how and where we live. Some people don’t even have a home. This project addresses that and the problem statement above by providing eco-community housing for everyone.

Inspiration for ideas came to me during a visit to the C.A.T. in Snowdonia, North Wales, which spends a lot of time researching, developing, and testing new green technologies and construction materials to tackle environmental housing issues. Research was conducted such as surveys and interviews, as well as online searches, websites, and TED talks. I selected and refined the problem by constructive analysis such as using an evaluation matrix and gaining feedback from others.

I would like these housing communities to be constructed across the country to provide a cheaper eco-friendly alternative to modern housing that is inclusive of everyone. My design addresses the problem identified by dramatically reducing the populations carbon footprint and damage caused by the construction of current housing estates.

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