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WasteWise: Empowering Communities for Sustainable Food Waste Reduction

Ramona Lai

Project title

WasteWise: Empowering Communities for Sustainable Food Waste Reduction


T317 Innovation: Designing for change

About me

I am a passionate sustainability consultant committed to creating positive change. During the module, my goal was to develop an innovative solution that addresses a pressing environmental issue, food waste. After graduation, I aspire to continue working on sustainable design projects, collaborating with communities and organisations to make a meaningful impact on a larger scale.


WasteWise is a community-driven project aimed at reducing food waste and promoting sustainable behaviours. It incorporates a smart bin with an integrated scale system, a user-friendly app, and a reward system. Users can track and manage their food waste, receive feedback on environmental impact, and earn rewards for waste reduction efforts.
The project addresses the global issue of food waste, which impacts both the environment and people's well-being. Food waste contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, depletes resources, and perpetuates food insecurity. WasteWise aims to empower individuals and communities to take action and reduce food waste, promoting a more sustainable and equitable future.
The project involved extensive research on food waste, sustainability, and user behaviour. Initial ideas were generated through brainstorming and concept development workshops. Feedback and insights from potential users were gathered through surveys and questionnaires, informing the selection and refinement of the final design concept.
The proposed intervention includes the use of a smart bin with an integrated scale system and a user-friendly app. Users can easily dispose of their food waste, track the amount of waste generated, and receive real-time feedback on CO2 emissions and financial impact. The app also provides tips, educational resources, and a reward system to incentivise and motivate sustainable waste reduction behaviours.

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