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Gardens in the sky – The future shop

Samantha Bowes

Project title

Gardens in the sky – The future shop


T317 Innovation: Designing for change

My proposal is a multi-level supermarket space, that includes internal, commercial, vertical, growing systems with climate-controlled environments as part of supermarkets across the UK. High yield fruits and vegetables will grow in the traditionally unused airspace above shops. Some areas would be accessible to the public for educational purposes. My design utilises aeroponic growing which requires no soil, using only water and fertiliser, and LED grow lights.

Import of food is a fragile system which consumers and business owners rely on. This design explores ways to increase UK food production and reduce food miles, whilst helping consumers to gain knowledge, reconnect and re-humanise the process of food produce growing, and facilitate nutrition needs.

Mind mapping, Information Searching, User Trips and Immersion were used to explore a wide range of problems. Factors of the problem were identified, a complex and intricately co-dependently linked food import system compromising of products and services, as part of a system. Intuitive creativity techniques, Lateral thinking techniques, Heuristic methods and Systematic creative problem-solving technique of Morphological analysis were used to generate eight initial concept ideas. The final idea was chosen due to its reliability and replicability.

The produce grown consists of high yield fruits and vegetables. This produce supplements other land based activities and imports. Consumers are able to partake in lessons on growing foods at local hubs. The climate-controlled environment allows year-round produce production, which reduces demand on imports and increases the UK food production.

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