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Dep-Re-Bin proposal

Shane Fleming

Project title



T317 Innovation: Designing for change

About me

Scotland’s upcoming deposit return scheme (DRS) will add a refundable 20p deposit to all single use drinks containers sold.
 The Deposit Return Bin (Dep-Re-Bin) system receives empty drinks containers, and credits 20p to the user’s account.

- The App scans the container
- The container is deposited via the slide handle
- A unique QR code is shown on the E-Ink display
- App scans the QU code and credits the user's account
- A digital wallet stores credit

The design is in response to a contextual change, driven by emission targets. There were extensive legislative resources available for research, as well as a handful of existing products which do the job at scale. A leading recycling bin manufacturer responded to a survey request, providing valuable industry insight. Government appointed administrator Circularity Scotland, kindly agreed to interview, offering legislative insight, and were particularly receptive to use in schools and workplaces.

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